Navigating history

The Aquarium recreates the journey followed by Magellan and his crew. During your visit to the aquarium you will see many of the same environments and ecosystems through which expedition traveled.
Did you know that the route followed by the Aquarium of Seville is based on the first journey around the world?
On August 10, 1519, the fleet departed from Seville with a fleet of five ships, captained by Ferdinand Magellan. The expedition aimed to reach the Moluccan Islands, also known as the Spice Islands. Rather than sailing along Africa, the intention was to sail west along an unknown route.

They descended the Guadalquivir, reaching Sanlúcar de Barrameda, from where they departed on September 20 in the direction of Tenerife.

The fleet departed from Seville

They later navigated across the Atlantic Ocean and finally reached the coast of South America. The journey took almost four months of travel. They sailed along the coast that Magellan named"Patagonia."

After a hard winter in this area, they discovered a strait that allowed them to reach the waters of the Pacific Ocean. While navigating through them, they discovered new lands such as the Philippines, where Magellan ultimately lost his life in a confrontation with a local tribe. Soon afterwards, the remaining ships and crew arrived to the Islands of Spices.

After three years at sea, eighteen of the original sailors returned on board the nao Victoria, captained by Juan Sebastián. The nao Victoria returned to Seville on September 8, 1522, its cargo laden with spices from the islands.