On this page we answer all your questions about the Seville Aquarium. If you have any further questions, write to us at info@acuariosevilla.es or call us at 955 44 15 41

How long does the visit last?
The tour takes approximately 90 minutes but the visit has no time limit (until the aquarium's closing time)

What are the opening hours?
We are open every day of the year but some of us modify our hours. Check it here to organize your visit source: https://disenowebakus.net/enlaces-hipervinculos-tag-ancla -html.php.

Until what time can I access the aquarium tour?
Access to the tour will be possible up to 1 hour before the aquarium closes so that the visitor has time to visit.

Is it possible to leave the aquarium and continue the visit by entering again?
The visit must be carried out in one go. It is not possible to return later with the same ticket.

Can I photograph the fish?
Yes, photography is allowed in the aquarium. But the use of flash is prohibited, fish, lacking eyelids, are very sensitive to flashes and intense lights.

Can you eat in the aquarium?
We have a small cafeteria in the aquarium room where you can eat but access to the tour with food is not allowed.

Can I access only if I am 14 years old?
Children under 14 years of age cannot enter the aquarium alone, they must be accompanied by someone over 16 years of age.

Is the aquarium accessible to people with reduced mobility?
Yeah. A circuit adapted to people with reduced mobility has been set up.

Is the aquarium accessible with strollers?
Yes, the entire route is accessible for the transit of said carts.

Can I go with my pet?
No, the aquarium is not accessible to pets. Since it houses live species, veterinary authorities prohibit the intrusion of foreign animals.

The only animals we accept are guide dogs and assistance dogs (You will be asked to show a mobility inclusion card or a disability card)

Does the aquarium have parking?
The aquarium does not have a car park but there is a public underground car park nearby (fees apply)

Do I need to book my visit?
Only if you come with a group of 20 people or more, or if you are going to carry out an educational activity with your school, association, college or institute (guided tour, workshop, courses, special activities).

Can I buy the "esPEZtador" Day ticket or the Family Pack at the ticket office?
No, you can't, as these two types of tickets are only available at our online ticket office.

Can I visit the auditorium?
The auditorium is a multifunctional space for events of various kinds, but it is not open to the general public except in the case of open activities previously announced on the website. The auditorium's aquarium is visible through a porthole along the route.

If you would like to hold an event in the auditorium, please contact us at eventos@acuariosevilla.es.