Weekend activities

Sea turtle conservation project The main conservation project of our center is sea turtles, the main basis on which this center stands, the soul, the essence... a species with many threats that nee ...

Sharks at midnight

Would you like to live an experience with the most amazing animals in the ocean? What if that moment allowed you to see what happens underwater when midnight arrives? Sign up for our new activity!

The hidden side of the aquarium

An activity that will allow you to take a trip to the heart of the aquarium, where all the necessary technical facilities are located so that the ecosystems and all our animals are in unbeatable condi ...

Feeding in the central tank

An activity where you can experience firsthand the feeding of sharks and the rest of the species housed in the deepest aquarium on the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, you will discover, together with ...

Activities / Experiences
Summer Camps

Do you want this summer to be different from the rest? Come to the Seville Aquarium camps and live the adventure of saving the guitarfish. You will be part of the "Los guitarrones rebeldes" team fo ...

entreMares dinners

Do you want to enjoy a different evening? Now you can dinner at the Aquarium of Seville and enjoy a delicious menu accompanied by sharks, rays, turtles... Without a doubt, the most romantic and or ...

Guided visits

Make a visit with our educators and discover secrets of the more than 7,000 specimens (of some 400 different aquatic species) that inhabit the Aquarium. Themed areas of the Aquarium include Guada ...