For teachers

If you are a teacher and you want your students to learn before, during and after the visit, download our activity booklets here.
Remember that they are divided by educational levels!
Download here

For all children who are passionate about the sea

Color and learn

Become an artist by coloring our cards on the marine and river animals that are most threatened.

Collect them all and make your own booklet!
Download here

Put your knowledge to the test!

Solve and put your knowledge on the conservation of the environment to the test.
Did you know that not all marine debris is visible at first sight? Do you want to find out where the microplastics come from?
Download here

What do you think about climate change?

Do you believe that climate change affects sea animals?

Do you think that you can do anything to make a difference?
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Conservation of species

Do you like sea turtles? Do you know how many species exist and how to differentiate them? Do you know what the main threats are to the species ?
Are you one of those who prefers to read a complete story? Do you like animal stories?
Know the story of Chelo and learn about the importance that aquariums and recovery centers play in the conservation of a species.
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