Research in Wildlife Conservation

One of the main functions of an aquarium is to do research and contribute this research to the conservation of species in the natural environment.

There are many animals and environments on the planet that are threatened in some way. One of the most important of these is the marine environment. Due to its many unique characteristics including light, salinity, pressure changes and limited accessibility to humans, it can be difficult to carry out research studies.
Have you ever wondered why it is important that aquariums are centers where research is carried out?
The Aquarium offers many scientific possibilities to develop research related to marine biodiversity and different habitats, since the work can be carried out in a controlled environment. The main purpose of the projects carried out will be the conservation of the environment and/or the improvement of animal welfare within the center itself.

We do not always work alone. It is vitally important that aquariums share information with other institutions of the scientific community such as universities and other official bodies.

Research agreements

In collaboration with the Marine Biology Laboratory of the University of Seville, we are developing new lines of research in the Guadalquivir River estuary with different studies to detect how turbidity affects the conservation of the aquatic species that inhabit it.