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Sea turtle conservation project

The main conservation project of our center is sea turtles, the main basis on which this center stands, the soul, the essence... a species with many threats that need everyone's collaboration.

Since our opening we have worked on various conservation projects with the species Caretta caretta, one of the most abundant sea turtles on the Spanish coast, since the Iberian Peninsula is considered one of the most important areas of feeding of these reptiles.

It is a seriously threatened species, cataloged by the IUCN as an endangered species and by the Spanish catalog of threatened species, as well as by the Andalusian catalog, as a vulnerable species.

Join the conservation of this species through the different activities that we will carry out during the month of March at the aquarium.
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Saturdays and Sundays in March
From 11:00 to 12:00
Free activities with admission to the aquarium
*It is not necessary to reserve a place

Workshop "Here we save turtles"

When? Saturdays in March from 11:00 to 12:00
Where? On the aquarium tour

Every summer sea turtles come out to lay eggs on our coasts, of all the eggs they lay only a very small number survive. Thanks to the workshop “Here we save turtles”, in addition to learning about the biology of these incredible animals, we will give you all the tools to know what to do if you find a turtle in danger, to detect the trail it leaves on the beach when it is going to lay and how with small daily changes you can eliminate its main threats. You will become a true expert and you too will be able to save sea turtles.
You too can save turtles
Talk about sea turtle conservation projects

Meet Chelo, Nando and Frankie

When? Sundays in March from 11:00 to 12:00
Where? In the main view of the Ocenario

Since our opening in 2014, we have worked on various conservation projects. The most important is the one we carry out with sea turtles, in which we collaborate with different public entities to protect these animals, conserve biodiversity and work for the sea.

Within these projects, we house several turtles of the species Caretta caretta in our facilities: Chelo, Nando and Frankie are three of them. Do you want to know their story?
Learn about our sea turtle conservation projects
Weekend activities
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