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Make the most of the visit. Your class will not only learn about Magellan's voyage, but will also discover what the animals that inhabit the rivers, the jungle and the oceans are like, as well as acquiring the necessary knowledge to protect the environment and marine life.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of the Aquarium and its more than 500 species accompanied by one of our educators? Book your visit adapted to the level of your class (according to the official curriculum).
Delve into the depths of the sea
You will be able to observe the sharks in the deepest tank in the Iberian Peninsula with 9 metres deep and two million litres of water. A tank called "Oceanarium" in which the largest animals in the aquarium live together with a pair of Caretta caretta turtles and other representative species of the Atlantic Ocean.

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(*) Free admission for children under 4 years of age is not applicable for school groups.
(*) Guided tours in English are subject to the availability of guides, day and time.

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