Swap the heat for colour and asphalt for tropical seas.


This summer, coral reefs and the fish that live in them are the stars of the aquarium visit. We present our new summer campaign: "Tropical", a concept of colour, joy and marine biodiversity.

And why tropical seas? These warm, clear and crystalline waters are unique, as only 1% of the planet's marine water is home to more than 25% of the global biodiversity of the marine environment.
New species
We relaunch one of the areas of our tour with the most biodiversity on the planet, the tropical seas, the tropical seas, with a new collection of multicoloured species. The almost one hundred species that already inhabited these tanks are now joined by new species such as the raccoon butterfly fish, the coral anthias, the spotted blenny, the mandarin fish, the blue lobster, the Moorish idol, among many others.

This space, made up of different species of coral, anemones and a network of roots of the mangrove ecosystem, is an opportunity to see up close all the richness of the seabed found in the antipodes of the planet.

Experience "Reef 360"

In addition, we are launching the "360º Reef" experience, a chance to dive virtually into the coral reefs and surround ourselves with all the tropical biodiversity. A 360º video accessible through our own mobile phones and free with the entrance ticket.

Awareness activities

In tropical seas we find reefs formed by corals of many different species that we at the aquarium want to highlight and which are currently threatened by the fragility of these ecosystems. One of the greatest threats is global warming (due to climate change), which has as a consequence the acidification of the waters and directly affects these species by slowing down their growth, a fact that we know as "coral bleaching". The disappearance of these large ecosystems will have repercussions not only on marine life but also on our own health.

That is why we want you to join us in the conservation of the reef through different actions and activities that will be carried out throughout the summer.
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