Activities to do at home


We bring you different activities you can do at home: crafts, drawings, crosswords, etc. Don't miss it!

* Don't have a printer al home? Don't worry! You can download the image to your computer or tablet and color it with one of the device's editors.


Activity 1. Jellyfish with recycled materials

Susana (our Education Director) sends us a video from her house to show us how we can make a jellyfish by recycling some of the elements that we have at home.

2. Color and cut out the Esturbarco

Color and cut out our "Esturbarco". You can hang it face up or face down (as you like) in the window of your house.

3. From the river to the sea... How do I get there?

Help the eel find it's way to the sea. You can also color the sea ​​floor!H


Draw the baby shark inside the egg. Then cut it out and use a pair of clothes pegs to place it somewhere in the house so that it is not carried away by the current and is well oxygenated ;)

5. Sharks for kids

Color this shark with rounded fins and a flat nose with black spots and you will have obtained an alitan. Don't forget to add a lot of color to the seabed!

6. Dress up as cuttlefish

Do you want to have the super power of cuttlefish to be able to camouflage yourself?

7. The lobster dance

If you like dancing this is your right activity. Do you know the lobster dance? Learn the steps in this video.

8. Poison dart frogs

We bring you two activities of the aquarium frogs. The first for the little ones, a drawing to color the poison dart frogs, and the second, for the older children, an origami to make a paper frog. Download your coloring drawing here

9.Hidden animals

Do you like riddles? Are you able to find the camouflaged animals in this drawing?

10. Octopus with recycled materials

Do you dare today to make an octopus with a roll of paper? To make this craft you will only need elements that we all have at home.

11. Crossword of the sea

Do you know the animals in the aquarium? Let's find out!

12. Shark with toilet paper

To make a shark with recycled materials, you only need a roll of paper, scissors, some pael or cardboard and the colors you want.

13. The most coiled anaconda

Color and cut out the anaconda drawing. Then you can hang it from the ceiling with string and scare your family;)

14. Origami fish from the sea

What is it that unites people? Follow the steps and you will get the answer

15. Oceans without plastics

The water hides many secrets but to see them you must pay close attention. Under the sea ... not everything is what it seems at first glance.

16. Dice game tells stories

To celebrate Book Day we bring you a fun activity in which you can tell different stories while you play.

17. The most "flamenca" jellyfish

Give color to this jellyfish and bring the April fair to your home

18. Margarida Puzzle

Can you put the puzzle of "Margarida" back together? Once you have it done take a photo or a screenshot and send it to us to count it as an activity carried out.

19. From the sea the grouper

Follow our directions and get a grouper pendant for your room

20. Word search

Find seven of the shark species from the Seville Aquarium in this alphabet soup.

21. Recycling

Do you know what kind of garbage goes in each container? Cut out the different garbage and put them in the corresponding container.

22. Before you throw them away, reuse them!

This time it is you who have to teach us how to reuse some of the products that we offer you. Once you have it you can take a photo or record a video. Surely you have great ideas!

23. Biodiversity trading cards

Celebrate Biodiversity Day with us with our collection of stickers. Cut them out to learn about the aquarium species.

24. How many animals are there in the sea?

Count how many animals of each species are in the sea and write it in its corresponding space.

25. Sea's sudoku

Put each animal in such a way that each one moves only once per row and per column.

26. Shadow play

What shadow corresponds to each animal?

27. Dot to dot

Connect the dots to get the figure of the octopus. Then color it with your favorite colors.

28. Treasure Island

Help the pirate captain get to the treasure.

29. Complete the drawing

Follow the example and draw the octopus. Then you can color it with your favorite colors.

30. Find the 7 differences

These two pictures look the same but there are 7 differences between them.

31. Word search puzzle

Find the 6 hidden marine words in this word search puzzle. Luck!