Activities to do at home


We bring you different activities you can do at home: crafts, drawings, crosswords, etc. Don't miss it!

Save all your activities with screenshots or photos. Once the aquarium is open again you can come to visit for free. (Valid for children up to 14 years old)

How to get it?
1. Ask someone in your family to help you save a photo or a screenshot of each of the activities that you are going to do.
2. Once the aquarium has re-opened send us an email including your photos and your full name.
3. We will check all of your activities and then send you an Aquakids voucher so that you can come and see us for free (but you will have to come accompanied by an adult).
Activity 1. Jellyfish with recycled materials


Susana (our Education Director) sends us a video from her house to show us how we can make a jellyfish by recycling some of the elements that we have at home.
How to make a jellyfish from the sea?
Activity 2. Color and cut out


Color and cut out our "Esturbarco". You can hang it face up or face down (as you like) in the window of your house.

Still don't know what this drawing means? The "Esturbarco" is the trademark of the aquarium, it is the union of a sturgeon (representing all the animals in the aquarium) + a ship, as a symbol of the Magellan's Journey.

* Don't have a printer al home? Don't worry! You can download the image to your computer or tablet and color it with one of the device's editors.
Download here your "esturbarco"
Activity 3. Labyrinth

From the river to the sea... How do I get there?

Help the eel find it's way to the sea. You can also color the sea ​​floor!
Get the eel's maze
Activity 4. Color and cut out


Draw the baby shark inside the egg. Then cut it out and use a pair of clothes pegs to place it somewhere in the house so that it is not carried away by the current and is well oxygenated ;)

Did you know ...?
- Not all eggs are round or oval ..... In the case of shark eggs they are more or less rectangular and elongated.

- Not all sharks lay eggs .... These animals have three types of reproduction:
1. Oviparous: through eggs
2. Ovoviviparous: eggs that hatch within the uterine cavity
3. Viviparous: There are some sharks and other cartilaginous fish that have placenta and give birth to live young.
Get your shark egg and color it