Safe visit

We have implemented all the security and hygiene measures established by the Ministry of Health so that your visit is safe, but we also need your help.

Please read the safety measures before coming to the aquarium and remember them during your visit. In this way, together, we guarantee a safe visit.

Measures implemented

Seville Aquarium offers a safe visit based on the following measures:

• You should always wear a mask.
• Limited capacity as set by the Ministry of Health.
• We have a capacity control system that will report in real time the number of people in the aquarium.
• When you enter the aquarium you will go through a mat with a disinfectant product so that your footwear is free of viruses and bacteria.
• We clean and disinfect our spaces several times a day.
• You will find different hand sanitizer dispensers both at the entrance and inside the aquarium.
• An entrance door and an exit door have been enabled to avoid the confluence of visitors.
• The aquarium brochure will be available in its digital version.


We have never stopped prioritizing the well-being and health of our visitors, so we ask you to follow the following recommendations:

• The safety distance must be maintained at all times with other visitors.
• We recommend, as far as possible, pay by bank card / mobile device or buy tickets through our online sale.
• Do not touch the acrylics on the tanks or the information screens (they are not tactile).
• If you have cold or flu symptoms, we ask you postpone your visit.