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Happy Aquarium!

Celebrate your birthday at Seville Aquarium is undoubtedly the best gift for such a special day. Do you like sharks and the sea? Do you want to be the protagonist of an unforgettable birthday? so ... this is your birthday!

The new aquarium birthdays are adapted to comply with all hygiene and safety measures.
A 2-hour activity in which you can visit the aquarium in a much more fun way and you will have an exclusive picnic room, in which each child will have their own picnic.
What does the snack include?
The snack menu for each child consists of:
- Sandwich
- Fruit or chocolate
- Drinks: Juice or smoothie
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Every day (Booking it in advance)
During opening hours
€ 18 / child
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1. Birthdays are made from 4 years.
2. Minimum 10 children (if they are less, the price is 10)
3. If the group exceeds 15 children, the host is free.
4. Children under 4 years do not pay the entrance to the Aquarium (they do not count for the calculation of group children and can not exceed 20% of the total reservation), but the snack will have to be paid (€ 8.50 )
5. Duration: 2:00 h. (1,5h. guided tour + 1/2 h. snack)
6. Parents / guardians will be responsible for the children (the group must always be accompanied by 1 adult). Due to the new security measures due to COVID-19, the parents of the other children will have to pick up the children at the exit.
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