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Happy Aquarium!

Come and celebrate your birthday surrounded by sharks, turtles, rays and many more inhabitants of the Aquarium! The most original party ever! Lots of fun under the sea!

What does include? The birthday in the Aquarium consists of a snack in the cafeteria + a guided tour for the children.

What does the snack include?
The snack menu for each child consists of: Sandwich or hot dog, mini pizza, snacks and trinkets, plus a drink to choose from: water, soda, juice or smoothie, and a slice of cake (to choose among several flavors) .
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Every day (Booking it in advance)
Monday to Thursday: € 15 / child. | Friday to Sunday: € 17 / child
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Optionally they can do the workshop "Fish want to celebrate years" (check prices).
Parents may be present at the birthday snack. Once the visit to the Aquarium begins, the participants will stay with the educators.
Minimum 10 children (if they are less, the price is 10)
One adult free for every 20 children
Duration: 2:00 h. (visit + snack)
If the group exceeds 15 children, the host is free.
Print the invitation to give it to your friends!
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For more information, call 955 940 310 or write to